Crashes. Part 1. (as it may be continued)


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Tommy scowled and rolled his eyes, hooking up with the Justice League and their mini teams was not something to get hyped about.

“C’mon, we’ll meet Batman,” began Billy, his twin brother.

“And Superman,” continued Teddy, Billy’s boyfriend.

“Wonder Woman,”

“Green Lantern,”

“And there’s the kids,” Billy continued, helping Teddy choose his shirts to pack. They were sitting in Billy’s bedroom with Teddy’s pile of clothes spread across Billy’s bed. Tommy was sitting haphazardly in a desk chair with a bored look on his face.

“Really they’re superheroes our age, or you know, the ‘sidekicks’,” Teddy nodded.



“Kid Flash-”

“Yeah, you’ll probably like Kid Flash,” Billy nodded, “At first he was called Impulse.”

“He’s a speedster,” Teddy picked up one of the shirts Billy had put into the bag and raised an eyebrow to which Billy just shrugged.

“A speedster?” Tommy’s head immediately lifted, “What? But only me and Uncle Pete are… speed…sters…” his voice trailed off at Billy’s shake of the head.

“No, you’re the only speedsters in the Avenger and X-men area,” Billy said, “The Justice League has lots of speedsters, Kid Flash is just one of them. Well this Kid Flash. What’s his name?” He looked to Teddy for an answer but Teddy frowned.

“I don’t know…”

Part of Tommy was excited, a challenge, he wasn’t the only one! He could race this kid. Maybe it’d get interesting… this whole hook-up business.

On the other hand being the only young speedster had always given Tommy a sense of being special, a true purpose in his team. That was gone with this stupidness.

“Great,” He mumbled and rested his head against the chair.

“What? I thought you’d be excited or something,” said his twin.

“I’m gonna go pack,” said Tommy, getting to his feet with no energy.

“But you’ve still got three hours!” Billy said. Tommy always packed, for anything, in the very last 10-20 minutes.

“I might as well get started.”

A special building had been built on the outskirts of Washington D.C. It was a huge complex with an arena, and large meeting rooms. The press had all been told of the meet-up and all superheroes were to come in their secret identities and costumes.

“Tommy. Put on. Your goggles. Now,” hissed Kate. He rolled his eyes and did as he was told as the car for the Young Avengers pulled up to the building.

They crossed the large foyer to meet with the Avengers already there. On the other side of the room were what Tommy assumed to be the Justice League. Yep, there was the big ‘S’ for Superman. His eyes fell on a group their age. He recognised the speedster at once. The yellow thing was zipping around, talking to everyone. He had reddish brown hair that looked more red than anything in the soft sunlight streaming in from the sky light above.  He had a strange mask thing on. Tommy could feel himself buzzing, rearing to go.

Billy caught his line of sight and grabbed his arm, “Tommy, you’ve been acting weird about … this ever since we told you about Kid Flash. Whatever you do don’t lose it and do something stupid. Don’t go over the- NO Tommy don’t!” But Tommy had ripped his arm out of Billy’s grasp and was over there in less than a second. He ignored the stares from this kid’s teammates and tapped the boy’s shoulder.

Big golden eyes greeted him and took him in with a smile, but before one word could fall from Kid Flash’s lips Tommy said, “Race me. Now.”

It was cold, emotionless. This little kid’s innocent façade wouldn’t suck him in. He wanted one thing and one thing only- to prove he was the best.

The kid frowned and titled his head, taking Tommy in. A hand rested on the boy’s shoulder.

“Bart, you don’t have to do it.”

“Shhh Robin, let him decide for himself,” a blonde girl whispered.

“You’reaspeedstertoo?” Bart asked Tommy, as he continued to analyse him.

“No, my power’s electricity, of course I’m a speedster,” Tommy muttered, “Otherwise I wouldn’t have challenged you. You scared you’re gonna lose or what? Wanna race?”

Bart grinned and nodded.

“Good, we’ll start-”

“Everyone,” it was a man in black. Tommy had seen enough news reports to know it was Batman. Tony Stark was standing beside him and began speaking now,

“It’s time to come inside.”

Tommy frowned, “Okay Kid Flash,” blue eyes glinting with anticipation, “We’ll race after all these stupid talks. First break you meet me and we run.” He turned but mid turn Bart spoke.

“What’s your name?”

“My codename’s Speed.”

“My real name’s Bart. Bart Allen.”

Tommy sighed, really? They were going to get onto real name basis?

“Bart!” That kid called Robin cut in now but Bart hushed him.

“Myname’sTommyShepherd,” he said quickly, he knew only the speedster would understand.

“See you then, Speed.” Bart grinned, excited already.

Tommy turned and sped back to his team.

They were ready, and they were waiting. Both were tense. Both almost vibrating with what was about to happen.

“Damn speedsters,” said Kate, “Alright, are you sure you both want to do this?”

“Bart this is stupid!” called someone from the sidelines but Bart merely grinned and waved.

Tommy turned to Kate, “Can we just go already?”

“Alright, On your marks! Get Set! Go!”

And they were speeding through the bush land, past houses and towns. But Tommy felt weird, really weird, way too weird. It felt like rope was tugging him, closer and closer to that Bart kid.  He looked over at him. Bart was laughing, golden eyes shining. Tommy gritted his teeth. He would ignore this, probably some part of the idiot’s power.

“Whatever you’re doing it isn’t working.”

“What am I doing?” asked Bart curiously.

There was that tug again, it was like Tommy couldn’t seem to move it off. He didn’t want to be drawn in to … wait it looked like there was red-golden halo around the kid’s head. Oh no, that was the sunlight.

“This… pulling thing. It’s not going to work. I’ll win.” But they were side by side now, Tommy just couldn’t stop. Suddenly one of them missed a step and they were both colliding. Tumbling together across rough dirt, over and over each other. They ended up in a heap, Tommy groaned as he rubbed his head. This kid was on top of him, still trying to lift his head. They were both covered in dirt.

“Now look what you did?”

“I did?!” Bart coughed.

Tommy had to admit, he was soft, and warm. He looked a little worse for wear, a cut on his cheek.

“You’re bleeding you idiot,” Tommy sat up, helping the other a little too.

“I’m the idiot? You fell into me!” he pouted, and touched the cut gingerly.

“Did not,” Tommy said huffily.

“Did too,” Bart poked out a tongue, to which Tommy immediately responded.

“Did not.”

“Well… what are you wearing goggles for anyway?” Bart pointed at them.

“Part of the outfit,” Tommy shrugs, “What’s on your ears?”

“Part of the outfit…”  the younger notices the intense gaze Tommy is putting him under, and wriggles slightly, “What is it?”

“I just like your eyes…” Tommy says without thinking and then quickly looks away.

“I like yours too, they’re a really nice blue…” Bart mutters, “Your ears are turning red.”

Tommy glares at him. “Are not!”  The ears disappear from view behind his hands.

“Are too!” the younger speedster replies, leaning over in rapid speed and tugging at Tommy’s hands. He stops and freezes when he notices this look the blue eyes are giving him. “What did you mean earlier,” the thought had suddenly occurred, “When you said that I was ‘pulling you’?”

“Well you just did it again, when you moved… so quickly…” Tommy whispered, but quickly drew out of the soft breath and said, “My ears are not red! You’re just trying to distract me from winning the race!”

“They are!” said Bart crossly, “and I’m no-“

His words were cut off when Tommy kissed him, softly, gently. Tommy pulled away, and in a flash was on his feet, avoiding Bart’s eyes. “I’ll see you back at the arena… I’m sure the others will understand that we knocked each other over and have to postpone the race.” His voice was neutral and then he was gone.

askfal;bkv lkdjvboad my babies are adorable I love my baby speedsters

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