Crashes. Part 2


Always for terminlvelocity. 

This isn’t as good as the first one I don’t think… but I need to build up more interaction before I feel like they can really be, well, anything. So this is more interaction based. And I apologise if my Bart isn’t all that good.

Tommy came back to the race point alone, glad that the blush had gone down and trying not to feel anything. Nothing happened. That had meant nothing… the pull, the kiss, the way those eyes on him made him feel, it was nothing. 


“Where’s Bart?” Robin asked.

“Coming,” Tommy shrugged.

“Why are you covered in dirt?” Kate demanded, dusting off a shoulder.

“We tripped into each other, running too close together and ended up crashing, okay? Just a simple crush… I mean crash! CRASH!” Tommy said.

“You’re bleeding along your jaw,” Billy said, tugging Tommy away, “C’mon, let’s go.”

Bart sat there a little stunned after the kiss. Tommy seemed to get up and leave almost in slow motion, but by the time he said, “Tommy! Wait!” the older boy was gone.

Why? Why had he done it and why was he so quick to leave? So… cold?

He made his way back to the race point, his team waiting.

“Bart, you okay?” Superboy asked, “You’ve got a cut on your cheek.”

“Yeah, ‘m fine.” He mumbled, “I tripped up. I messed up.”

He must have messed up or else Tommy wouldn’t have left so quickly, right? Maybe he was a bad kisser? But why was HE the one worrying? Tommy had kissed him which he had no right to do!

But he’d liked it. He’d liked Tommy’s toned but soft body up against his own and warm inviting lips and blue eyes taking him in like he was the only thing worth seeing…

He wanted it to happen all over again and that pull, he’d felt it when Tommy sped off to leave. He knew what he was talking about…

But he barely knew the guy! Why did he feel so… so… 

“It’s not like you to mess up,” Robin said, dragging Bart out of his reverie. 

“We were too close together,” Bart quickly said, “What’s happening now?” 

“Some ‘Juvenile’ meeting. Two younger teams meet with Ironman and Batman presiding over it. But that’s tomorrow, it’s back to our rooms now” Robin answered. 

“Oh… great…” So Tommy was going to be there too? … Yeah. Just great.

Tommy was already sitting in his room rather tense. Billy had taken him there to clean up the blood. 

“What happened?”

“I already told you.”

“What really happened? You’re tenser than I’ve seen you since Kate.”


“You like him.”

“What?!” Tommy demanded, turning fierce eyes on Billy.

“You like him,” said Billy calmly, washing away more blood, “So what happened?”

Tommy looked straight ahead and said neutrally, “I kissed him.”

“You what? You’ve only just met him!”

“We really did tumble into each other and he was all on top of me and then he was leaning in and I had to! I couldn’t help it!”

“Yeah that’s what they all say,” said Billy, “If you mess this up then the whole summit could be for nothing.”

Tommy rolled his eyes, “‘Cause it’s all about the stupid summit.”

“Yeah well also the kid’s younger than you and probably confused beyond belief.” Billy muttered, finally finished cleaning him off. 

“I…” Tommy stopped. There was a war going on within him. He liked the kid, he liked Bart and he knew it but… he didn’t want to admit it, acknowledge it. He didn’t want to like him. He didn’t like anyone. Ever. That was just the way he worked. 

“What?” Billy asked.

“Nothing,” Tommy muttered, “I’ll back off him.”

When Bart entered, all cleaned up now, everyone else was already in there. He sat down in the last empty chair and looked up.

He was straight across from Tommy. No! He didn’t want to be. He didn’t want to be at all!

The blue eyes caught sight of him and widened, Bart could see a visible fist clench on the table, and Tommy was frozen in place. But then he blinked, and looked at him coldly before turning to face Ironman and Batman. 

The whole thing was torture. Every time Tommy made eye contact with him he felt his gut clench and avoiding it was almost impossible. He remained silent throughout the speeches and then the thing was over.

But he wanted to talk to Speed. He wanted to ask about the kiss and what the rush was but Tommy ran almost as soon as he was allowed to. Bart stumbled out of his chair, not caring about everyone watching them questioningly, and chased after him.

“WaitTommy!” he shouted and sped up, “Waitwaitwait!’ 

“No!’ Tommy said and ran up the swirling steps but Bart knew a shortcut and took it, cutting Tommy off two corridors later.

“Stop running,” he said, “Please stop running from me.”

“No.” Tommy said, “I’m sorry, about earlier, I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

“Why did you?”


“Why did you kiss me?”


But something told Bart he did, “You do know.”






“I know you know why you kissed me Tommy. Just tell me. Please.” He said the last part softly, looking up at him with pleading eyes.

“Because… I like you… I’m attracted to you… you make me want to actually care about something. F’n happy now?”

He hadn’t been able to get Bart out of his head all night and his dreams were far from PG rated, involving the red haired angel…

Did he seriously just call this kid an angel?

Bart just stared at him for the confession. 

He felt his heart sink and wanted to run again but the gaze was keeping him there.

“Do you not usually… care?”

“No,” he said sullenly, “I don’t. I don’t like… I don’t like feelings.”

“Why not?”

“Because everything gets messed up. I’m… messed up.”

‘I don’t think you’re messed up.”

“You barely know me.”

“When we fell yesterday you blamed me as a defensive mechanism when we barely knew each other, and then you made sure I was okay. If you were really messed up and didn’t care you wouldn’t have done that.”

“…” Tommy just stared, “Stop analysing me, I don’t like you reading me, I’m not just… some open book.”

“I’m sorry,” Bart looked down but was surprised when, quickly, he was enveloped in a hug, Tommy pulling him in tightly. He was warm and soft and there was more said in the gesture than the older boy could seem to put into words. And then he let go and was gone. Bart checked his watch. They were meant to be in the arena. That was probably where he’d gone too.

Why was this boy so complicated? But.. he liked it. He liked those fierce blue eyes and the softness somewhere inside. He was going to get close, if he could. He would at least try.

To Be Continued

So cute! I loveit! :)

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